We place great importance on the property and site appraisals


Site Appraisal

Whilst the Property Appraisal assess the suitability of the prospective accommodation the Site Appraisal evaluates the context of the site as a whole and would include some or all of the following ~

  • Is the property in a Conservation Area?
  • Is the property detached / semi detached / terraced?
  • Is the property single storey or multiple storey?
  • Is the property on a level site?
  • Does the property have vehicular access / on-site parking?
  • Does the property have a single point of vehicular access?
  • If so does the vehicle have to reverse on to the site, or is ther space for the vehicle to turn?
  • Does the property have a through drive i.e. and in & out?
  • What are the surfaces of the hard-standing areas, shingle, tarmac, paving?
  • Does the property have an integral garage, if so, is it of an adequate size?
  • Is the property solid wall construction, cavity or timber frame?
  • Are there any obvious peculiarities to the structure?
  • Are the existing room sizes and circulation areas adequate, or do they need altering?
  • Are there any physical constraints on the property being adapted internally and/or externally?
  • Are the site boundaries well defined?
  • What are the proximities of the neighbouring properties?
  • Are the proposals likely to be Town Planning compliant?