Property as acquired

  • Detached two storey property with single storey accommodation to one side along line of boundary and integral double garage. Front entrance via covered porch with step access and double doors.

Property as adapted & extended

  • Removed family room and extended property across width of rear elevation to accomodate purpose made hydrotherapy pool, spa pool, changing room, extended lounge / dining room and kitchen extension.
  • Converted integral garage and original kitchen to accommodate client's bedroom, with direct access to reception hall, assisted en-suite and carer's room with en-suite and kitchenette.
  • Accessible covered entrance with wide leaf, level entry, access to hall with space to allow transfer from external wheelchair to internal wheelchair.

Original Layout

New Layout



  1. Porch
  2. Entrance Hall
  3. Sitting Room
  4. Store
  5. Family Room
  6. Dining Room
  1. Kitchen
  2. Lobby
  3. Store
  4. Garage


  1. Porch
  2. Entrance Hall
  3. Sitting Room
  4. Plant Room
  5. Changing Room
  6. Spa
  7. Hydrotherapy Pool
  8. Garden Room
  1. Dining Room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Client's Assisted En-Suite
  4. Client's Bedroom
  5. Carer's Bedroom
  6. Kitchenette
  7. En-Suite
  8. Cloakroom